• Student Quotes

    "I came to the CTE Academy to further my education.  At my home district there aren't the same classes and I knew that I wanted to go to college for something that was offered here.  By attending the CTE Academy, I'm advancing  my education that incorporateactivities the Highland Community College does.  SO I am starting to learn some of the things that I will be doing in college.  Another reason I came to the CTE Academy was to meet new people."

    "I am very grateful that I chose to attend the CTE Acdemy both my junior and sebior years of high school.  I've been able to get new and different perspectives on my career path.  It's been a great way for me to meet other people and get involved.  When I think about graduating this year, I've come to realize that I'm really goingh to miss the CTE Academy.  It's one the places I'd say I've learned the most and it has definitely helped to prepare me for the next steps in my life."