• Breaking Ground

    The Jo Daviess-Carroll Area Vocational Center's formation was the result of a meeting held on December 9, 1969, at Warren High School where local school administrators and school board members discussed the vocational education programs the local districts would like to offer and the preparation the young people needed to enter the working world.  The districts participating in the meeting were East Dubuque, Warren, Galena, Stockton, Hanover, Scales Mound, Elizabeth, Savanna, and Mt. Carroll.  A working committee was formed in order to submit a Phase I proposal for the formation of an area vocational center.  Mt. Carroll dropped out as a participating member.  Phase I was approved and a Phase II application for the construction of a building was written by Peter Henrichs (County Superintendent of Schools).  On October 22, 1970, approval was received for Phase II which released $450,000 of State funds and required a match of $300,000 by the local districts.  One of the factors considered by the State in approving the Center and its location in Elizabeth was the distance East Dubuque students would have to travel.   

    The Vocational Center opened its doors to students from the eight participating districts in the fall of 1972.  The programs offered at the Center have undergone a number of revisions over the years as career and technical needs of the districts have changed.  School consolidations have altered the actual number of participating districts to now reflect 6, those being Galena, Scales Mound, Stockton, River Ridge (Hanover & Elizabeth), Warren, and West Carroll (Mt. Carroll, Savanna, Thomson).  In 2015, the Jo Daviess Carroll Area Vocational Center changed its name to the Jo Daviess Carroll Career Technical Education Academy (CTE Academy). 

    The operation of the CTE Academy is governed by a Board of Control which is composed of one representative from each of the member districts and the Regional Office of Education as the Administrative Agent.    

    Juniors and Seniors or students sixteen years of age are eligible to enroll in a technical program.  They must enroll at their home district with their Guidance Counselor.  CTE classes are not required, but are electives. 

    The CTE Academy is funded through tuition paid by the member districts and numerous grants.  CTE classes offer dual credit through Highland Community College.  There is no cost for these credits.    


    Over the years, the Jo Daviess Carroll Area Vocational Center now CTE Academy has offered quality technical education to over 11,000 students in our community.