• Education/Early Childhood Education class  provides students to explore several avenues all wrapped into one. This class allows students to learn about basic child development and parenting skills to  policies, procedures, career paths and options with dealing with children birth to age 8. Students  learn about lessonplan writing and implementation, Illinois DCFS day care licensing standards, Illinois Early Learning Standards, health and safety policies and procedures of children in a group settings. Students create a professional portfolio and work on their professional and job readiness skills.

    This course in currently held within a preschool classroom with preschoolers ages 3 to 5. This allows great learning lab opportunity for hands on experience for high school students.

     This course is intended for students but not limited to students who want to learn basic child developoment, want to presue a future career in childcare, elementary education or any other career path in dealing with young children.

     Students recieve the following certifications and or trainings through this course

    • Early Childhood Education Level 1 Credential
    • CPR/First Aid
    • Food Handlers Certification
    • Mandated Reportor
    • Sids/Shaken Baby Syndrom
    • Illinois Poison Prevention 

      College Credit

              Highland Community College

    • Creative Actvities./ ECE 206 (1 yr)  3 credit hrs 
    • Practuim/ECE 126 (2 yr) 2 credit hrs 


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