Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

  • Culinary arts encompass the art of preparing, cooking, and presentation of food.  People working in this field can be referred to as "culinarians, chefs, or culinary artists" and are responsible for preparing meals that just as visually pleasing as they are delicious!  Culinary arts and restaurant management go hand-in-hand as many people who work in this field work in restaurants.  There is a wide variety of opportunities in both of these fields such as Chefs, Cooks, Food and Beverage Managers, Entrepreneurship, Consultants and Design Specialists, Sales, Food Stylists and Photographers, Food Writers or Critics, Restaurants  Controllers, Research and Development Kitchens even School Teachers.  Most culinarians have a passion for food and life!

    This program teaches students to explore their interests in a diversity of foods, trends in the industry, career opportunities, and different cultural fare.  This class introduces the fundamental concepts, skills, and techniques in basic cookery and bakery.  Learning occurs in both a classroom and kitchen setting.  There is a full commercial kitchen with much of the equipment that can be found in most restaurants.  Emphasis is placed on classical knife cuts, cooking techniques, flavors/seasonings, industry guidelines, international cuisine, and terminology needed for the development of food service competencies and workplace skills. Content includes professionalism, kitchen essentials, basic and advanced food preparation, food service equipment, management essentials, and building a successful career in the industry.

    Additionally, it will cover the practical skills and knowledge necessary for effective food and beverage service in a variety of settings.  Topics include greeting/service of guests, dining room set up, profitability, menu sales, and service styles.  Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate competence in human relations and skills required to work in a restaurant.

Brianna Davis