Class Instructions

  • If you have questions, ask!   It is now essential that you practice good communication.  You all have my cellphone number and should use it.  Email is preferred:

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  • Let's do this!!

    We will be having a daily check in.  

    These check-ins may include:

    ~a short (10 minutes or less) YouTube video that relates to class and a discussion question to respond to.  

    ~a selfie, taken to capture the class topic of the day.

    All links, discussion questions, and topics will be posted here, emailed to you, and texted via GroupMe.  Use the platform you prefer.


    I appeciate your particpation and hearing from you!!


    You will email in your projects.  If digital, attach to an email send the file.  If physical, take a picture, upload to an email, and send to me.  Include a completed rubric (file below) and a typed up reflection.  

    All emails should be sent to  

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  • Below are your sketchbook questions and drawing prompts for the quarter.  You should be completing these weekly.  You may be asked to take a picture of your sketchbook and email it in.  Be prepared for this.  

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Sketchbook Assignments

Project Rubric


  • Nothing about our calendar has changed at this point other than Project being pushed back to be  the same date as Project 5 
    (other than you will have to email in your completed assignments).  


    Project 4 & 5 - due April 15
    Project 6 - due April 22

    Websites  - due April 28

    Sketchbooks - due May 4
    Digital Portfolios - due May 5

    You are expected to work on all of these projects from home and communicate any barriers immediately.  

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  • Nursing Home Partnership
    In addition to your regular assignments we might be adding a weekly task during this time of isolation.    

    Each of you have been emailed some info abut local nursing home residents.  From this information, please make a piece of artwork you think they would like.  Take a pic of it, message it to me, and I will share it with them.  First come first serve.  Email me which number (person) you are making art for.  We want to cover everyone!   

    If you are a NAHS member, this will also count as community service hours.  

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Graphic Communications:

  • Graphics class is dedicated to the exploration of our ever changing world through the lens of aesthetic awareness, creativity, and ability.  The class teaches students the baseline skills needed for a professional art career.  Students will learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, digital photography, fine art, critique skills, portfolio assembly, resume writing, artist statement creation, critical thinking, teamwork, and overall professionalism.  Graphics is a very student centered environment and each student gets out of it what they put into it.  

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