• Student Learning Objectives (SLO's)


    The CTE Academy is a part of the student learning objective movement throughout the United States that seeks to measure student success, and ties this measurement to teacher performance.  

    All CTE instructors will assess each student indivuidually, and determine the degree of learning and growth expected throughout the learning objective.  Students will be evaluated three times, at the start to get an individualized baseline, the mid point to assess learning, and at the end of the objective to prove mastery of the skill.  It is this measurement that will be used to determine not only how much the student has learned the material, but also how well the teacher has donated to student growth through instructional ingenuity, properly utilization of a variety of teaching methods to match learning styles, and the delivery instructional material in meaninful ways. 

    SLO's are a mandatory measurement and method by which to evaluate the quality of our nation's teachers.  The CTE Academy instructional staff have incorporated SLO requirements as to continue to provide the best possible instruction for our students

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