• Little Learners Academy

    Our program's goal is to provide a high quality preschool program meeting each child's needs in a safe nuturing enviroment.  Our preschool provides a rich learning environment that encourages children's natural curiosity and supports them in taking risks that leads to new skill development. It is a setting where children feel safe, respected and cared for. This is an opportunity for all three to five year old children to take part in planned, active learning experiences guided by Creative Curriculum and supports the Illinois Early Learning Guidelines. Little Learners Academy is a part of the High School Education/Early Childhood Education Program at the Career and Technical Education Academy in Elizabeth. The preschool classroom provides an active learning lab for students learning more about child development, daycare and education. 

    Little Learners Academy offers a variety of opitions for the 2019/2020

     Snacks are provided for both sessions by Little Learners Academy

    • Lunch for those who stay past 11:00 will be the responsiblility of the family (for students dual enrolled and or staying all day)
    • Mid -day bus stop for those who dual enroll at River Ridge 

     Enrollment is accepted on first come first serve basis. To reserve your childs spot please contact us.

     Programming will be offered Monday -Thursday starting Sept 3rd .  

     $25 registration fee is required to guarantee a spot for your child going into the 2019/2020 school year.  (we have approximately 10 spots for A.M. and P.M)

     AM preschool 8-11 $7.50  a day                                                              

    Am preschool w/ lunch dual enrolled with RR   $10.00 a day 

    All day preschool 8:00-2:30 $13.00  a day

    PM preschool 12:30 -2:30 $5.00    a day 

    Pm Preschool w/ lunch dual enrolled with RR $7.50   a day 



    What is special about us? 

    • We accept children as soon as they turn 3
    • We provide one on one opportunties
    • We provide small class sizes ( up to 10 students)
    • We complete preschool assessments on growth 3 times a year
    • We participate in preschool screenings
    • We participate in hearing and vision screenings